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Shuyang County Mudan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Sangxu Town, the hometown of timber in northern Jiangsu. It has a superior geographical location and convenient transportation. It is 15 kilometers south of National Highway 205, 45 kilometers east of Lianyungang Airport, 168 kilometers west of Xuzhou Airport, and is extremely convenient for sea and railway transportation. It is also 20 kilometers south of Ninglian Expressway and Beijing Shanghai Expressway.
          Shuyang County Mudan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. The company currently has fixed assets of over 32 million yuan, 160 employees, and a monthly production volume of 5000 cubic meters. In recent years, the company has been successively rated as "Outstanding Private Enterprise in Shuyang County", "Civilized Unit", "Glorious Star", "exemplary organization for Tax Payment in Good Faith" by relevant superior departments, and passed the ISO9001: 2009 quality management system certification and other honorary titles.
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Business trust is the foundation, and doing business leads to being a good person
Superior Quality and Good Price
Superior Quality and Good Price
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Shuyang County Mudan Wood Industry Co., Ltd
Good quality is trustworthy -We will continue to persevere and strive for excellence in our products to meet higher customer requirements.
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Australian LVL building materials include cement baffles, engineering beams, roof beams, and footrests. Selected materials include larch, masson pine, and imported radial pine.
Adv One
We strive for a place in the fiercely competitive
market, establish an invincible position, and
develop and grow by relying on the principle
of honesty, customer first, and the joint efforts
of all employees to continuously improve
product quality and achieve customer satisfaction.
Adv Two
Our company's quality management: Quality
is the life of our products, and it is also a
guarantee for our company's long-term
development. Product quality not only affects
our company's reputation and image,
but also is closely related to the vital
interests of our customers.
Adv Three
High quality comes from rigorous technology and
process control. Therefore, our company strives for
excellence in market research, material procurement,
production processes, packaging, services, and
other aspects, constantly breaking through
ourselves, demonstrating rigor and respect for
technology, quality, and service.
Adv Four
Encourage them to participate in all business activities
of the company and comprehensively improve the
quality of employees. Our company's products are
mainly exported to countries such as Australia,
New Zealand, the United States, Canada, Japan,
South Korea, etc., and are highly welcomed by
business professionals from various countries.

Address:Industrial Park in Sangxu Town, Shuyang, Jiangsu

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Contacts:Liu Tao

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